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The purpose of the Center for SEPP is to integrate ethics and public policy inquiry with scientific research, the university curricula, private sector innovation, and government policy making. The Center provides a unique forum for academic and public discourse. It seeks to clarify questions of fact and value of pressing concern in scientific research; to enhance the dialogue between academic, corporate, and public interest stakeholders; to increase the synergies of public-private cooperation in areas of emerging technologies where there are significant ethical concerns; and to sustain in Delaware a unique center of national excellence to serve the public good.

The Center activities cover three main areas:

  1. In educational endeavors, the Center sponsors lectures and discussions around ethical issues of high social interest, and organizes a variety of educational events for undergraduate and graduate students on research integrity.
  2. In research, the Center facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration and publication on ethical and public policy issues that emerge from science and technology.
  3. The outreach endeavors of the Center seek to support clear scientific input in debates on issues of social concern, and to engage the private sector and public interest groups, in partnership with academic researchers, to address those concerns.

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6:08 pm, Jun 19, 2015
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10:37 pm, Mar 11, 2015
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