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12:38 pm, Jun 27, 2012
Guest Blogger: Sara Hines
June 17, 2012
With the emergence of superbugs in the news lately, the public has come to understand that antibiotics are supposed to be prescribed only when essential. I interpret this to mean “for more serious reasons than cosmetic appearance”.
4:58 pm, Mar 7, 2012

By Guest Blogger, SEPP Undergraduate Contest Winner: Alexandria Murphy

4:48 pm, Mar 7, 2012 Lindsay McNamara

4:17 pm, Mar 6, 2012 Evan Bradley

Given the continuing kerfuffle over mandated insurace coverage for contraception, I thought I would step back and consider a few basic questions.

1:15 am, Feb 11, 2012 Evan Bradley

Tell me if you can discern any moral difference between the following insurance policies:

2:27 pm, Dec 14, 2011 Evan Bradley

Recently on The Daily Show, Jon Stewart reported on "controversy" surrounding the TLC show American Muslim, highlighting an unfortunate American attitude about education:

5:27 pm, Dec 6, 2011 Evan Bradley

SEPP is excited to announce its undergraduate blogging contest. UD undergraduates are invited to submit essays (approximately 500-750 words) on any topic related to science & technology, ethics, and/or public policy.

The best entries will be featured on the SEPP blog next year, and each invited blogger will win a $50 prize.

Submissions should be emailed through the SEPP "Contact US" form located at the bottom of the webpage.

4:51 pm, Dec 6, 2011 Lindsay McNamara

I struggle on a day-to-day basis with how far I would go for the sake of the environment. There is spectrum of attitudes presented by Chesapeake Bay advocate and author, Howard Ernst, spanning from a “light green” to “dark green” mentality. Light green proponents feel a sense of environmental responsibility and usually act in the form of outreach/awareness/education. Dark green individuals see the environment as a right and act in a more political manner; demonstrations, petitions, canvassing, some groups, like EarthFirst!

1:41 pm, Nov 2, 2011 Tom Powers

Blogging (from 'blog'--verb, intransitive: to write a web log) is a way of communicating somewhat organized thoughts to random passers-by on an Internet site.  In the vernacular of that far-gone century (the 20th), it is a soap box, and a way to sound off.  At the SEPP Blog, these digital graffiti will point readers to important stories about science and technology, mostly in order to inspire or provoke.  If you'd like to write a guest blog for SEPP, please submit no more than four paragraphs through our contact form.

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