Science, Ethics & Public Policy Research Group

Dr. Mark Greene, Coordinator

The SEPP program operates at the confluence of scientific research and its social and technological applications. The primary function of SEPP RG will be to facilitate research and analysis concerned with the ethical and policy implications of science and technology. SEPP RG will draw upon the expertise of a network of faculty to assist in this function. The areas of SEPP RG inquiry will include:

  • Policy and economic analyses
  • Ethics of science and technology
  • social and organizational dynamics
  • Science of science and innovation policy
  • Legal and regulatory analysis

Some of this expertise exists within the current network that was created under the first NSF Delaware EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Grant (RII-1). The research focus of the EPSCoR Research Infrastructure Improvement Grant (RII-2) is to develop scientific and engineering knowledge and infrastructure in the field of environmental science. This basic research seeks to better understand ecosystem health in order, in part, to mitigate harm from contaminants, develop sustainable agricultural practices, and exploit new sensing and remediation technologies at the micro- and nano-scales. While these endeavors are at the heart of environmental science, they are not to be pursued in a vacuum. We recognize that what science can achieve is both facilitated and constrained by the fabric of public policy, law, private-sector innovation, and social and ethical norms. Therefore, proper consideration of the ethical, social, policy, and legal implications of scientific research is key to the overall success of the RII-2. During the five years of the RII-2 grant, SEPP RG will bring together an expanded network of expertise to produce new partnerships in research and learning that will enhance the value and impact of discovery research in the Delaware EPSCoR program.

For more information about SEPP-RG, contact Mark Greene. To see the current call-for-proposals for Seed Grants, see the SEPP-RG Seed Grant page.

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