In research, the Center for SEPP facilitates interdisciplinary collaboration and publication on ethical and public policy issues that emerge from science and technology.  Our research support includes:

SEPP-RG (Coordinated by Mark Greene):  this "Research Group" holds frequent meetings to support faculty and graduate students improve "works-in-progress" and funds conference travel and other research-related activities.

EPSCoR Seed Grants: The NSF-EPSCoR program in Delaware supports research for faculty and graduate students through an annual seed grant competition.  Calls for proposals are published annually (typically in the Fall).  Collaboration proposals can be organized by the Center.

Other funding opportunities: Center faculty have grant proposal experience in several areas of multi-disciplinary research and invite proposals for collaboration by researchers within and outside of UD.   Center faculty are able to advise and contribute to proposals by organizing elements in research ethics, environmental ethics, biomedical ethics, information technology, and other areas crucial to the broader social impact of the proposal.



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